Made it out on the Lake Today

well i woke up on this fine morning, thinking to myself "i really need to get outside today". so i hopped outta bed, watched some tv, and helped my old man take the christmas lights down. soon after that i loaded up my 'toon and departured for Grandy Lake. my dad told me that it usually doesn't freeze, so i thought i would go on a nice drive. got to the lake around 12:30-ish. frozen solid. so i give my old man a holler, and he told me to run up to baker lake real quick and check out lake depression. i figured depression would be extremely low and frozen too. so after i get up the road a little ways it started snowing on top of the slush on the road, making it extra "slickery". i proceeded to the lake and arrived around 1. tied on a fly and hopped on my boat. made a few laps around the part that held water, and then went and explored the dry lake bed. i have caught my largest rainbow here, but all the fish are planters, leaving about 4 holdovers so i knew my chances were slim. made a few more laps and nothing. so i packed up my stuff and headed for home.

today was alot of fun. i rarely fish by myself so it was hard to stay out there long. but i had a chance to test out new flies and my new combo, so that was fun.

on the way there in some fresh slush lol

gettin' ready to rock out

Beautiful setting 32. Looks like it was worth the effort.
Were you chirono fishing or just trolling?
thanks scott! i love taking pictures. those were taken with my phone and edited on my comp. i have grown up camping up there, one of my favorite spots, i will for sure have much more pictures up.

i was trolling wooly buggers and i tried a wooly worm. i would have used a leech pattern but they don't have leeches.

one of the reasons i started fly fishing was when about 5 years ago i was fishing the same lake during the evening and watched a guy (using dry flies) catch about 7 fish in 15 minutes. he nailed them! so i can't wait to try that this summer.
Blackman's in Snohomish around 8:00. Launch on south end. If the water is hard at the launch, may be able to put in at Hill Park on the east side.


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I dont blame you for sleeping in. I did and I could have slept longer. I looked outside when I got up and it was blanketed with snow where we live.
I got a late start today, zipped over to my chironomiding spot and didn't get a chance to talk to you guys. I was bummed that there wasn't a cookie on my truck when I got back...:( I even tied a couple of chocolate chironomids for you Chef! It sure was cold and slow today, Ira dropped by to chat and I made his day when he saw my indicator go under, didn't make my day though...I missed that fish! I ended up with 3 for 7 all on bloodworms. I should've hooked more but as usual I wasn't paying attention and when I looked for my indicator, it came back up to the surface...:beathead: oh well, can't and won't catch them all!


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Damn Steve... I am glad you had a litte luck. All I got was a runny nose and cold hands and feet!

Funny thing... I was thinking of putting some cookies on your truck but wasent sure if you were with us or not. Was gonna paddle out to see but was too cold.... even after a cup of joe.

I need to learn how to chironamide fish. I need a slipper indicator.
That was my blue Dakota. I was parked next to you all, but as you noticed that funky boat launch is very shallow. It's a little deeper next to the dock. Yes you do need to do the chironomid thing! It's even better in the spring and fall. Right now with the freezing cold water, the fish aren't going to chase much, but if you dangle a chironomid in their face, good chance of a tug! I use light tippet, 7X or 6X, as the fish have a long time to inspect your offering. We'll get you on the bobber yet Chef! :thumb: