Well... It was nice at Blackmans.....


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Nice to see everyone, have some good little snacks and to fish.

The good: Got to see Jeff and JC. Someone in a blue boat... was that Steve? Sorry I didnt get to catch up with you.

Ate some good cookies...sugar and chocolate high.... Jeffs family made this neat little bread pudding. Damn good. JC brought some caramels. Yum!

Weather was cold..... and fishing.... well... the act of fishing was fun! :)

No bites for me or JC. And I am starting to think that there is some serious pyshological game at play. It was soooo cold at lone but it didnt seem like it because we were having fun and catching fish. Today was cold but not as cold as lone. But it seemed colder and I got colder then at lone.

But I did get hung up on the bottom a lot. Really super shallow on the shoreline.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I did make it out around 2:15ish to say hi but folks were pretty much gone. I did talk to Steve and I did watch his indicator go under once which absolutely made my day. I wasn't able to fish today but I'll be out somewhere next week hopefully.


Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Good on all you guys who made it out!

Chef, I think we benefited from some direct sun last week at Lone. It feels warmer when the sun is out. I even came home with a sun burned nose. I read in the other thread that Steve was there, and picked up a few up on blood worms. What were the conditions like at the lake? What size fish were hanging around Steve?

I have been pretty comfortable fishing in the cold water this winter, but I am going to try some of those Toe Warmers adhesive strips next time out. Seems the toes are the first thing to go cold after a few hours of fishing. Especially when your legs are in the water.


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I didnt try the dark side. Left my floating line at home and stuff trying to figure out the darn anchor system on the sky.

Jeff (guitarfish) had a great idea for hand warmers and his gloves rock. They have a pouch for the darn hand warmers. rEally nice feature. I got some of the warming strips from REI but they are sorta expensive for a one time use.


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maybe chironamide fishing is the way to go in the winter time. I never think any technique is wrong. It is best to have all of them in your back pocket so you have an arsenal to pick from when on the water.