A few tips on winter steelhead fishing


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Be at the river as much as you possibly can and cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast, until your fricking arm falls off. You might get lucky.


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Nice tip - but you can't sell many books with content like that ;) :+

Seriously though - nothing beats time spent on the water. But if all you do is flail at the water for hours on end - all you'll get is tired and chances of getting lucky with a fish are slim. Do spend lots of time on the water, but have a strategy in mind. Then learn and adapt as you go. Otherwise all you are doing is casting - not really fishing. But then I know KerryS wasn't being completely serious with his 'tip'...

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Please don't shoot down his tips as I need all the HELP that I can get. But I do know that you need to do a lot of casting.



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I might not have been totally serious but I was being completely honest.

I was lucky in the fact that I was taken under the wing, if you will, of a couple of very good steelhead fly fishermen when I picked up the bug rod in search of chrome. If I were to add to my tips, it would be to pester the hell out of the best steelhead fly fishermen you know and get them to take you fishing.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, you forgot the good sinktip, short leader, and big ole' marabou fly. Gotta love them popscicle type flies for winterruns. But agree, cast, cast, cast.


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Wait a minute, you are asking me or Homer like in "best steelhead fishermen" to take you fishing?:rofl RX I think you got the wrong guys here.

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