Fenwick glass blank and another old rod

Steve Call

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I was digging thru a pile of old rods and came across an old fenwick glass blank (mustard color) - Model FL112-9. I assume the FL is for fly. Can anyone confirm that for me?

I haven't built a rod in more than 30 years. I have no idea where or when I picked this up other than it was back in the 70's some time. I know a lot of guys are into fiberglass rods. If it is a fly blank, does it have any value.

I've also attached pictures of an old fly rod from the same pile. No identifiable markings. It is 3 piece, 8' and may be bamboo under a black paint, metal ferrules. It sure feels like a bamboo rod. The first two sections are 6 sided. It has two tip sections and the original cellophane is still on the cork. My guess is it belonged to my Dad or his brother. If so, it probably dates from the 50's or early 60's. I would appreciate if anyone has an idea as to what it is.


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Steve Call

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Jim, thanks. It looks and feels like a fly rod blank. I contacted Fenwick but they said they didn't have any records going back that far. Kind of hard to believe, but I assume the company's changed hands a few times so maybe they don't have records that far back. I haven't built a rod in 30+ years. Maybe I'll give it a go again.

I have a couple of rods for your youth program that I'll bring to the BBQ tomorrow. I'll bring these two as well.


Jerry Daschofsky

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Jim, actually FL means Fly Rod in the older distinctions. I'm a half assed collector of fenwicks (there's the infamous fenwick picture people love to see, think I posted it up in the first thread in this forum when it came up), but the FL was used for flyrod blanks. They used specific distinctions on the blanks (SH for steelhead, SP for spin, SC spin/casting, etc). I used to have an old fenwick catalog from the 60's that had all the classifications of blanks and also for the productions rods (FF was flyfishing, FS was for spinning, FS with a C following the numbers was a casting model, etc).

Your FL112-9 would be a flyrod blank that was 112" long and rated for a 9wt.