"Accomplished angler"?

I think that depends on what standards that you have set for yourself. As flyfishermen we probably range anywhere from big game hunters, to destination travelers to contemplative backwoodsmen and maybe some of all of the above. I would imagine there would be a wide range of opinions on what constitutes "accomplished" and none would probably be wrong.
In absolute terms you could define the Accomplished Angler as the following:

1- One who is not in all facets, except a love of angling, the opposite of Itchy Dog
2- Mathematically, the Inverse of Itchy Dog = an accomplished angler i.e. 1/Itchy Dog = accomplished angler or "Itchy Dog to the -1"

I'm with Boot on this one. Who cares what "accomplished" means when you can plumb the depths of the unaccomplished w/ The Dog.
I have studies this extensively and I am pretty sure of my assesment. Accomplished angler, Unaccomplished angler, and Weekend Warrior are a convergent species within the angler family that have interbred to form variant subspecies thoughout the World. In rural North America, the Accomplished angler is lightly colored similar to a Military sniper, which it is also related to and highly interbreedable with, yet is native outside of the region) the Unaccomplished angler is native to most urban areas and is usually found hanging out at fly shops more often than rivers. Both are elongated and have severely hooked jaws when mature. Weekend warriors I believe is the hybrid between the two species, as it clearly resembles both the Accomplished angler and the Unaccomplished angler, is usually found with wife and kids at home depot when mature. :rofl:


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I was thinking that an accomplished angler is one who has caught a fish and didn't need any advice or instruction from anyone else in order to do so, but the fact is, 'Yard nailed it.

The Accomplished Angler, that's easy. He's the guy that has the magic fly when I don't!

There's always one when I'm fishing the Yakima, downstream from me.


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These days an accomplished angler is someone who has his name embroidered on his ironed fishing shirt. When I was younger it was an angler who had a lot of fish in the freezer.

Ed Call

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An angler that can find success and enjoyment on most outings. Success without enjoyment is just an ordinary angler. Enjoyment with out success is just an ordinary angler.

Personally, I've got no clue.


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You're accomlished once you stop bragging about how many and how big fish you caught. You don't even bring a camera because you don't care what anyone knows about what you did or didn't catch. Although you don't care to brag about your catches, at the same time you rarely tell others where your hot spots are...and never ever give up spots on the internet. Never.

Ed Call

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An accomplished angler could be one that "has caught his share" and wants to put a friend onto some nice fish. Putting a hook into a fish makes you an angler. Putting your pal's hook into fish through patient instruction makes you an accomplished angler. I vote Jim Henderson into accomplished angler status. In one summer day fishing a creek with Jim, he gave me first crack at several pools with rising fish. As a new angler in flowing water settings for trout this was a tough trip for me. The Accomplished Angler Mr. Henderson put his pupil in the proper setting and gave instruction that put many a hook into beautiful westslope cutthroat trout, and I continue to thank him greatly. I learned more in that single day of fishing than I can even beging to express.