Your "World Record"

i usually just set my goals at the end of the year and i just use the biggest fish i caught ;)

it was cool once upon a time, when my dad and i hooked almost identical rainbows, and it was the biggest one i've caught
I have been tormenting my mind with just this notion. What should be at the head of the list. Can I realistic surpass a 26" bow, not a trip, a 24" cutt, a 22lb Chum.

After much thought and soul searching it has been decided. I want the official world record of a fly caught Stickelback! Does anyone have an idea how big a stickleback gets?

I once upon a time set out to obtain a world record. I was in the Queen Charlotes fishing for, whatever. Two days concentrated on halibut with eight pound tipet. I had the fish. Two hours of concentrated fight resulted in an empty leader. Oh well, tomorrow. My best to date, a 29.5 rainbow frow a spring creek in Idaho many years ago. Today, I would release it. Then, Penny Thurman mounted it for me. In 1976 it cost me $129. A fortune at the time. Penny is out of West Yellowstone. It would be a $1,000 fish today. She is great. The regret. Two days after I gave the fish to Penny I caught a twin brown. Third week of May with rain below Slide Lake. There was a guide with two clients. It started to snow and they went up to the road to wait it out. I slid in and a few casts latter, with a big ugly, I had the brown twin of the rainbow. Guide and clients were quickly out of the warm up to join in. I released the brown. Now, many years latter, I dream of that twin on my wall. Oh well, like the gal in City Slickers, I ride off to my mind picture.


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steelhead >20#: first steelhead i ever caught, B fish, 26#, have not seen another since.
tarpon >150#: done.
pacific sail >120#: done.
world record big eye travelly: we all ate the fish as sushi, never realized it was a record fish, still would be :)
bone >15#: close but still a target for this angler.
chinook >50#: done, kenai.