Where the River Meets the Sea


stewart dee

OH man that looks super fishy. Pics like that makes me want to drive out right now and swing a line. Good Work guys.

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
Yeah fished that run hard for several days last week. No answer for me either. Although Mello caught a very nice bull right where you are standing.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
What feelings that brings out, Such beauty in a still picture and it would have been much more to have been standing there. Leland you've got the touch, or the eye.


Active Member
I was in the same spot (a little ways up from there) doing the same thing yesterday from about 11:30-2, then went upriver. I also caught a bull trout and nothing else. Were you in the little red truck with white canopy? I was in silver truck with MT plates.

stewart dee

Well some of you need to keep it clean out there (you know who you are). I picked up some Rainier Beer cans off the river at the same time I seen a certain rig leave the bucket. So lets not let it look like the Sky or the Cowlitz out there. Nothing winds me up more than cleaning up after people.