Swap No Holds Chironomid Swap


Indi "Ira" Jones
The 16 and under filled fast so let's go with a no holds barred chironomid swap, hell you been wanting to experiment and make a bunch of other people be your test subjects? Tell us all it fishes great send it out to us and we'll fish it for you. Or you could just tie up a standard bug and go from there. This is one of those cases where size really does not matter. Could be interesting what we get. I'm going to tie some chromy bombers in either size 8 or 10 that work well in BC lakes.

Let's set a due date for Feb 28th ish. If you are participating in the other chironomid swap you can send both your flies at the same time just mark which are which. 2 bugs limited to 14 tiers, so 26 of the same bug.


1. Ira DONE!
2. Baitfish DONE!
3. Kerfwappie DONE!
4. Troutrageous DONE!
5. ryfly DONE!
6. Rick Todd DONE!
7. Camo Clad Warrior
8. Chef DONE!
9. Wayne Jordan DONE!
10. dbk DONE!
11. steelie DONE!
12. Tracy Lauricella DONE
13. fishingcheftim DONE!
14. nailbender DONE!


Addicted to flyfishing
Count me in on this one. Give me a couple of days to select the right pattern but it will probably
be a zebra midge.


Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Ira I spent all day tying chronos and worms and nymphs. and no i don't want in your swap I just needed more in the fly box, since it looks like we'll be fishin more still waters. Have fun