Favorite hopper?


Skunk Happens
I need to learn how to tie some nice looking ones. In the past I just bought them or "borrowed" them. Dave's and Letort I can manage, mostly. I just don't think they look very hopper-ish. My previous foam hoppers have been too ugly for words.

I got some pointers from youtube, but I was hoping to hear what some regional favorites are.

Ed Call

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I fished some like this most of the summer on the Yakima. They perfomed well for me and I did not find them particularly tough to tie. Foam in sheets glued and pressed with heavy books. Cut to strips with an xacto knife along a metal straight edge. Knotted rubber legs. Not sure if they look realistic enough for your use. They work. Varied colors are easy too. The yellow foam is for my eyes. Could add some combed out antron or poly yarn for visibility and super floatability.

This is one I tied as an experiment a while back:

It's a little rough, but I caught fish on it. Chenille abdomen, deer hair head tied back into a rounded tapered shape. If I recall correctly I made the rear legs from pheasant tail fibers, and the front ones from moose hair. Wing is turkey feather.
Personally I have had the best luck on the Schroeder ParaHopper, at least when it comes to more traditional patterns. I haven't experimented as much with the all-foam-n-rubber beasts that are out there.

I don't know what i up with the olive color scheme in this one, but it's the clearest view. I always fish them in tan.

For me, this has always fished better than Dave's or Joe's or the Letort. I'll confess to usually buying them because I can't stand tying with turkey segments. Though these days I'm sure there a lot of lot of possible (synthetic) substitutes or stand-ins.

Steve Call

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I've had pretty good luck with foam bodies in recent years. But, was in Montana the first week of October and just for fun dug out an old Joe's Hopper from my fly box. The fish trashed it in 1/2 hour! It drew more strikes and aggressive hits than the foam. I finally lost it on a nice fish. Think I'll try the more traditional patterns this year.


Skunk Happens
Thanks for the suggestions. No tying tonight. Tonight was about :rofl: and :beer1: Tomorrow ain't mine, but Thursday oughta be good to tie some hoppers. :thumb:


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My personal fishing fly is just yellow foam lashed to hook, brown raffia over the back, which is probably unnecessary, but makes me feel better about it, and then a bullet deer head, with rubber legs tied on the sides of the head, long to the back, short to the front. I like TMC 200R style hooks. I do tie some with red asses. I fish those when I see hoppers flying away from me showing red.