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Most of us who hunt also carry or own firearms for defense. Often there pops up the post about "what to carry while fishing". That's not what this is about. It's about a series of DVD's that I recently viewed from Magpul. Now I have no affiliation with Magpul, but I feel they have a great approach to the subjects at hand.

They offer 3 different series, handgun, shotgun, and carbine (think M4). I won't go into great detail about the videos as it would deter from the subject. Weapon management, wether it be target shooting, hunting, or responding to a home invasion. As gun owners we should be the masters of our "art".

I go to the range an average of three times a week. Mostly indoors, handguns and carbines. About twice a month I head to the range for clays with my grandson and friends. You'd think that I was pretty high up the ladder of knowledge. Well, I learned a ton from the videos. It really took my mastery of the weapon to a new level.

I encourage you to preview the videos on Magpul's website. If it looks like something of value to you, get them. If you're dirt poor I'd work out a loan of mine with you.

Like I said we as responsible gun owners must take the time to hone our skills and become masters of our sport/art.

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Hi Roper. I own all of the Magpul series and am a big proponent of proper weapon management and use. While these videos are great reminders for people already familiar with the motions, nothing beats a course. I highly encourage anyone wanting to become more proficient with a firearm to take a course and then watch the videos occasionally so as not to get complacent with techniques.

Just like fly casting, it takes lots of practice until it becomes muscle memory, but that's the desired result. In a stress situation, fine motor skills go out the window, gross motor skills take over and you're going to automatically do what your body remembers and has practiced. Nothing beats proper training!

All that being said, I've enjoyed all of the videos and look forward to their newest installment. Travis Haley is the man! If you don't know who he is, Youtube search his name. Some of his in-theater videos are awesome....IF you understand what is going on and what it takes to do what he does.


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Luke, you're right about the importance of a course. I'm talking with Sam's Gun Shop in Everett to see if something can be developed.
I agree that it's all about time spent, but not just with the gun. My dad started teaching me to shoot when I was 5. He used to set up coins at different distances in the sand and tell us that whatever we hit with our BB gun we could keep for our allowance. Later he moved me on to small rifles and gophers. We used to sit near our porch in our house out on the prairie and snipe ground hogs with iron sites from some pretty silly distances. Those lessons are some of my favorite memories. My nine year old and I have started having "guys' night" at the local firing range. We started off with a .22 bolt action rifle and iron sights. I've got him showing good muzzle and trigger discipline, and he can put a 4" group at about 25 yards in a zombie target. God help the next zombie that attacks him. We go every other week minimum, and we're moving on to a .22 cal revolver as soon as his hands slow down a little more. I'm proud to be able to pass down what I know through a third generation. Maybe once we run out of things to talk about we'll go take a class.

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I had the great honor and fortune to have a young Marine Force Recon Aftganistan and Iraq combat veteran working in our office. I accompanied him to a local indoor range where he gave me some preliminary instruction in close range weapons management. To listen and watch him at the range was a real treat. I wish he were still in the area so I could get more instruction but he is now an FBI agent and on his way in his new career. I'm very aware of the lack of knowledge I have in this area and I'll check out the videos.
Noah, you were talking about using the BB gun when you were kids.
When I used to work in the woods, we had what is called early shut down because of weather and 2 hours fire watch.
We could not use fire arms so we would get out the BB rifle and pistol, good cheap practice.
All kinda games to play with the BB gun, don't forget the safty glasses.