Pics of my first build!!

Built on Steffen 7'6" 4wt, TiChm snake guides, mildrum stripping guide, Flor grade full wells, struble u-8 dark nickle with cocobolo, and I used guidebrod apple red. Give me feedback please.
Thanks for comments!! I tried to keep it simple with just one thread color, because I have no wrapper, I did it by hand. Is a wrapper easier to use?

Mike Ediger

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Well done Jasper. How do you like casting the glass?
I also agree on the cork, looks very clean.

Oh and by the way, I have never used a wrapper. I don't care about speed, and I feel like I have a lot of control being able to angle the rod and adjust the tension however I want, so I am not likely to change. But again, I can't really compare since I have never used a wrapper.

Thanks for sharing!


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Very nice job!I agree with the others on the wrapper.I have built about 10 rods and all i use is a box and a book for tention when wrapping.
Again great job!

James Mello

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So first things first! Great first rod! I like how consistent your thread wraps are, no gaps, and nicely leveled.

The only criticism I have is that it appears you used some thread epoxy that was probably at the end of it's pot life. One set of the wraps looks nice and level whereas the wrap near the butt section seems to have some ripples in it. In general you want the epoxy to be like mineral oil (or warm syrup) when applying. Once it gets closer to motor oil (or warm honey) you should pitch that pot and start with a fresh batch.... Seems wasteful, but in the long run it makes it even smoother and glossy.