Looking for someone to fish with



Im 17 years old and im looking for someone to do some fly fishing with. I live in the lynnwood area and wouldn't mind fishing with someone older. I like to fish pass lake, the yak, and some other rivers and lakes. I have also started trying to catch searun cutts in the sound, wich little success. Also i could do most the driving if necessary.
NW Fly Anglers meets at the Haller Lake Community Center at 12579 Densmore Ave N on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7PM (tonight!). It is an excellent club with speakers, raffles, group outings, and an excellent opportunity to meet other fly fishers of both sexes at every level of eperience. All welcome. Tell them Randy Knapp said to check it out. Randy
hey whats up i do a little fishing for cutts south of shipreck once a week if the tides are good and little wind let me know i live in old town mukilteo :THUMBSUP
hey miked, i didn't realize you replied until now. I will be gone this weekend, but we should head out for some SRC's the weekend after. is the place you usually fish for them pretty productive, and what patterns do you find to bring in the most fish.