Just Finished

I don't know boo about boo but that is really nice work. Hoping to build my own this summer.

On a unrelated note. Whats the story with the fly box in the photo?


Addicted to Cane.......
Thanks for the kind words. I've been working on a few rods lately and decided to bust out the camera and take a couple of pics. I haven't been out fishing in a couple of months and am getting anxious.

Here are a couple of answers to some questions.

Mike Edigar: Yes, I cast the rod in the yard before I polished out the finish. It threw a nice 4 wt line about 70 feet with no effort on my part. I don't know how much line it would throw as that is the limit of my back yard.

Tom Bowden: Yes, I blue the ferrules myself with a solution made by Bob Nunley (RL Nunley Fly Rods). It's safe and easy to use. The thread is Pearsall's Gossamer, antique gold wraps and claret tipping.

Jeff Bandy: The fly box is one that I had on my desk and thought the pictures should have a background. The box itself was originally a gift from Robert Redford and Patrick Markey to Doug McClelland in appreciation of his work on the film "A River Run's Through It". Each of the four fly fishing advisors were given one at the end of filming. Doug McClelland was one of the Trout Unlimited advisors on the film.

Thanks again for the kind words.