Which is a better line?? Rio Or Airflo?


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Since nobodys mentioned this element, I'll say this: A real veteran jedi guy was leafing through my junk bag one day; and pretty much said "uh oh" when he came across my rio stash.

I was advised that rio lines tend to dry out and crack sooner than airflos.....'based on his experience'; which is very substantial. This guy fishes with the top of the top.

Lo and behold, with even usage on both; both being bought at the same time? My rio started to crack into its 3rd season. Wasn't treating it with anything weird. Clean all lines in a mild soltuion of baby shampoo and water. I keep them out of the light and let things dry before bagging them up.

Airflo heads are on their 5th seasonand starting to look like it might go.

So regardless of performance, there's some experience on durability foreshadowed by someone else who experienced it first. Sure, formulas and recipies for the plastic may have changed since '09. Just saying.
Airflo, here is why. Finish - better on Airflo, Quality - No contest Airflo, Durability and longevity - Airflo, Factory Loops - Airflo. I in all honesty have never been satisfied by a rio product. The lines crack, the loops suck, and the finish is rough and burns my fingers. Not to mention none of their lines float as good as airflo or SA. SA is a great line company as well. Rio, though they have inovative tapers in my opinion are cheaply built and not built for the long haul but rather a hero worship marketing machine. My humble opionion.
Yup....what he said.

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I'd have to go with Airflo. I like some of rio's tapers but have noticed I get less than a season out of one of their lines if I use it a lot. I tend to get about 2-3 seasons out of Airflo's singlehander lines, and longer out of their spey lines, especially the compact heads.


so much mis information ... which one is better? the one you find that works the best for you... I've had airflo heads that had permanent coils in um I couldn't pull out..i've had the loops snap off or crack in under 6 weeks...all products have flaws...

both are good products, each have their own good and bad....only thing I see is the airflo's seem to weight what they say they are supposed to within a few grains, while rio's can be off by 10-30 gr. the compensation seems to be that the airflo's lengths can vary but you'll have the right weight and the rio's are pretty standard for length but weights can vary...
Airflo but then there Wulff Ambush line. I really like this line for switch and long SH rod.

BTW is there C for redheads?;) Beats blondes or brunette!