what would you trade for an Orvis $250 gift card?

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....an old space heater, couple bags of split shot, some VMC octopus hooks, Thermarest self inflating pad that has a slow leak and 3 or 4 Orvis Madison spools but no reel....?

Ed Call

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I have about 200 McDonalds straws, a thousand business cards right from the printer with all my pertinent info (great for handing out when you get in trouble...they'll contact me and I'll be like "what are you talking about") and a pretty cool trout business card holder...

But wait there's more. If you act now I'll throw in at least 50 coke bottle caps for your favorite coke rewards items. (note: the bottle caps do not contain my DNA...so you can't hand over one with the business cards to really get the drop placed upon me)
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