WMB Wiggle Nymph

Here's a pattern I tie that fishes well when the Western March Brown hatch is 'on' on the Cowichan River here on Vancouver Island. Recipe below..

Andy's WMB Wiggle-Nymph

Hook: Hanak H200BL - Size 12
Bead: Gold 2.5mm Tru-fit Tungsten Disco Bead (Available through Canadian Llama)
Rib: Fine Gold Wire
Tail/Wingcase/Back: Pheasant tail
Body: Brown Ostrich
Thorax: Brown Hareline "Wiggle Dubbing"
Maybe we can do a BH Nymph "international" fly swap one of these days ;).. or I'll just have to hop in on some of the swaps here.. I've got a few crawfish tube flies that are deemed 'irresistable' by the Bass, Brown Trout and the Steelies around these parts that I'd love to share.

Derek Young

Emerging Rivers Guide Services
Nice tie - by the title I was expecting to see a second hook (clipped) and tied off the first bend, a la Sly & The Family Stone.