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>Apparently you haven't seen any of the state tax
>auditors. I have seen some that closely resemble Jabba
>the Hut. Best of luck on the audit.

Thanks Ron. I'm 'working' with Tiffany from the DOR's Bothell office. She sounds nice enough on the phone, but I guess she could resemble Jabba in real life.
I have had a couple of successful businesses, and right now my wife and I each have one, and I have NEVER had a business plan, other than planning to make a buck. A lot of people plan stuff to death, and never get around to the doing. "The Dread is Worse than the Doing" is a saying an wise sage told me onetime. My advice???? Just go for it, ask lots of questions, write down peoples names everytime and have fun!


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Thank You everyone!!

Thanks for all the feedback and input. My biggest factor in this whole "idea" is my family. With another one on the way, I am not sure it would be the correct decision at this point???? I am doing my research and accumulating the info I need. I will keep ya posted.

Again, THANKS A TON!!!

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Thank You everyone!!

I think the biggest thing that all small business owners tell me is that you should have 2 years of living expenses saved up before starting your business. That way you are focused on growing your business and getting it off the ground vs. sucking profits initially to fund your living needs.

One of my favorite quotes is ," it is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a get rich slow scheme ;-) ". I think taking your time and not rushing into anything is the best advice.

Take care, and are you going to join us on the OP next week from the 26th -29th??


With all due respect to Mc (above), the biggest mistake I see is people starting businesses and NOT charging enough to make a living, and slowly (or quickly) using up their savings till they are busted. Personally, I work a bit harder and make a better profit when I am a bit hungry and broke. If you go into some venture thinking you are not going to make a living off of it for two years, in my mind you are off to a terrible start!
Just saying, I think it makes ethical sense to have that saved up especially since he will have to budget for continued health insurance, living expenses, and food and clothes for his family.

I personally agree with you regarding motivation but from a common sense side of things "not charging enough" striclty depends on your product mix/service and or what market you are in.