8 flys to start for saltwater cuthroat fishing ?

Ed Call

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I have had a lot more success with the Knudsen spider and Mike Kinney reverse spider in the freshwater. Not so much in the salt from the beach. They are in my box, actually I have one box with nothing else in it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong from the beach?


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Kinney's reverse spider and a gurgurler are my go to fly's. If I'm not getting strikes on either of those two then there probably aren't fish in the area. I also like Miyawaki's popper, Larry's Popsicle, clousers, euphasids and chum babies.

colton rogers

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i mostly fish clousers, or sea run buggers. if the water is calm or if fishing is slow i love fishing sliders on top.

right now im mostly throwing chum babies


Bob Jones

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And if that isn't enough and you want your boxes to be full and more colorful. Buy Les Johnsons book and tie some of those many patterns which inlude many of those allready mentioned. good luck and Happy Fishin!!
One of my elite eight would definitely be the Rolled Muddler, that hasn't been mentioned yet. A very good all around SRC fly, fresh and salt.


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1 Flatwing
2 Leland's Beach Popper
3 Double Reverse Spider
4 Flatwing
5 Flatwing
6 Flatwing
7 Flatwing
8 Larry's Popcycle or flatwing version
9 a Shrimp/ Euphasid/ Aphipod pattern
10 Flatwing Chum Baby

anything Roger recommends
My list would be by more type since there are so many great patterns to choose from:

Euphasid/Aphipod imitations (pink, peach, white)
Attractors- Reverse Spider (black/white, white/orange, chartreuse/white shrimpcolors/grizzled)
Sand Lance Imitation in 3 sizes (2-3",m 3-4" and 5-6")
Generic bait fish deep sinkers- Clousers and marabou Clousers (2 sizes 8-6, olive/white, pink/white, peach/white, chartreuse/white, brown white)
Generic bait fish shallow- (Chum babies in the late spring to early summer near creeks- or any other olive/white baitfish imitation with epoxy eyes elsewhere, in sizes 4-8)
Sureface Poppers Gurglers Sliders (they all work pretty well but I especially like Lelands Popper- or as close as I can tie to one!)