The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon

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The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon - Price Reduced

UPDATE 9/1/12 - PRICED REDUCED - $4250 for everything. I stopped pushing to sell it last summer but that has changed now - I need to raise money to cover a shoulder surgery for 2 cuff tears thanks to a skiing body slam last spring. Did not use the boat all summer and probably won't be able to fish until next spring. Thanks for anyone you can refer this to - I really need to sell it now.

Some of you may remember this post:

I've decided to move up to a larger hard sided boat for professional reasons and can't keep my marital status with 2 boats so I'm going to reluctantly sell this Scadden McKenzie Drifter, the trailer and all the goodies I added to it. The trolling motor is optional. THIS IS NOT YOUR STANDARD SCADDEN PONTOON!!!

Boat on Trailer:

Boat ON OPEN Trailer:

Mode 1: 2 Anglers with Cooler Front Seat

Mode 2: 1 Angler + Dog + Cooler

Mode 3: 1 Angler with Full Deck and Trolling Motor (room for dog)

Mode 4: 2 Anglers with Trolling Motor

Mode 5: Whitewater / 3 Person setup

Front Cooler Detail:

Loaded Down for a 2-person 3-Night Float:

PM me to get a detailed list of the cost basis for the modifications and everthing included.

Boat + Trailer + All the Goodies = now $4250 was $6000 (trolling motor not included)

Trolling Motor + 2 DieHard Marine batteries + custom wiring harness = $1000


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The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

I said it before and I'll say it again, that is a wicked-cool trailer. As far as the boat being the "ultimate" 2-man pontoon, well that is debatable. But the modifications you did to it look pretty neat. Good luck.


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The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

@PT: Let the bidding begin... Thanks for the offer and I'll take it into serious consideration assuming you're serious. I'm in no hurry so I''ll let this post simmer awhile and see where it goes. I just want to re-coup my hard costs. I had about 100+ hours into this doing the mod's to boat and trailer that I won't be able to recoup.

@BDD: Thanks for the comments. The "ultimate" thing goes back to a couple posts someone else started in the Watercraft section. "Ultimate" is an un-achievable goal but this one is more modular than any other single or double pontoon I've seen yet.
The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

Nice work!!
I just picked the same boat last week, in almost unused shape.

If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to take a peek at your spec. sheet.

I have an idea!!


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The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

@PT: $6500 without motor. The motor is a Minnkota Vantage 80 which sells for $1200 - click the link for details, its a pretty high tech motor.

@West_Jay: Did you get the version with bladders inside zippered cordura cover or the PVC bladderless pontoons? The later is what this boat has and they are about $400-500 more than the prior.


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The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

Lowered Price to $5900 - this system was only used 2 summers and maybe only on the water 10-12 times.
The "ultimate" 2-man Pontoon is For Sale

Wow!! That is the suu-wee-tist set up I've ever seen, great job on all the mods; very professional looking and excellent craftmenship.....if only I could afford it...!!! :beathead::beathead:

Just showed my wife, tried to convince her that i could pull it with my Honda and store it in the garage at our apartment. Been married 2 months, she just laughed and walked away while saying "That is very nice." Great looking pontoon. Got a few things to line up first though, like paying for my wifes grad school. Tuition or Pontoon....

Ed Call

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Pontoon. Student loans were made for tuition. Sick setup, said it before, I'll keep saying it. I love the topped trailer. I've got some catching up to do!
That trailer is pretty bad assed! Awesome looking raft. Sadly I just purchased a travel trailer so this type of setup just isn't in the cards right now.

Ed, I think we should go in together and buy it for our ladies for Mother's Day or something! You know, so we could take them out for romantic sunset viewing trips through the canyon.
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