Name that caption!


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I had a laugh at this photo of my buddy trying to take on a slab of a fish when it decided that it was camera shy. Come up with a funny caption and the winner gets two of my personally tied flies that was used to nab this wiley trout. Winner notified by PM and ends at 6 pm on Sunday April 10th.

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Paul, that's some set up you have with your pram!

(still thinking about a snappy caption)
Thanks Steve. Love my Smith boat, its Comfortable, dry, warm, and I can be on the water all day. Its put me onto hundreds if not thousands of fish landed. Ive been fishing stillwaters from a tube, toon, jon boat, canoe, but the pram is the way to go for me!


I hope she likes whitefish
After seeing the bobber and the dead carcass of his ancestor plastered to the man's forehead, Tony knew this was no fly fisherman...and today wasn't his day.