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When a fishery is referred to in name as a creek, it's typically small and perhaps unable to withstand the amount of fishing pressure that lakes or rivers can. Even if c&r is practiced, some might still view the fishing experience as ruined because of having to deal with larger and larger crowds.

Considering how many people view this forum, would it be a wise rule of thumb to avoid reporting on a fishery if it uses the word creek in it's name?


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The only creek I know is Rocky Ford!! only kidding. This is a hot topic, Whatever your opinion on this is, please keep it civil. Do a search, I've said enough on this topic. YT:smokin


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I'm not sure that is what this site is about. You always have the freedom to exclude a creek's name, but others may want to share more. It's a personal choice...

I prefer to read a post that shares the feeling and experience of a spot, not the name, water temp, GPS location, etc.......did you want to share?


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I'll amend my question by saying I realize steps have already been taken to protect waters that fit this description, and rightly so.

I agree, no need to get specific or nasty, just a healthy discussion.


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Oh Kalm...you have gone and done it now...haha just kidding. I personally dont mention names of areas I want to keep close, especially on the internet. But thats a personal choice I make. I have emailed one person about a photo in the gallery that was too descriptive in my opinion, and no repsonse. So some people care, and maybe some dont?? I am still an infant in my knowledge here in the realm of flyfishing and have learned greatly from my mistakes. All it takes is one name, one person, and the net result is still one name but now 10+ people....if ya get what Im saying?

Good Topic for discussion :thumb

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How about not reporting on any fishery?

There could be a few exceptions (very very few) but fishing reports and the Web im the hands of those who do not use disgression is a very bad thing.
In my opinion, the internet (and wireless telecommunications) has changed how and when information should be given out about a fishery, . Information travels too fast and reaches too many people to be given out as freely, even at work or the local bar. I agree with Roper- talk about the look and feel of the place without giving GPS coordinates to the hole you caught that 20"er.

I think internet sites and magazines which mention suggested patterns and times to fish well-known spots are fine, but I don't like reports of how a place is fishing (even for well-known places).

I'm as guilty as anyone for looking on the 'net for information about a given place. What surprises me is some of the reports that show up on sites given by non-journalist fishermen about (for instance) a small alpine lake. What possesses folks to write those reports?
Well this subject has been gone around too many times to throw it back in the ring, but you will never see me post a creek's name unless it can support 110% more pressure like RF.

However some choose to express these names for whatever reason and I do occasionally learn of new places through these slip ups...I mean bits of information.

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How many creeks do you wany me to list. Most creeks that I fish are well known. Some I'd like to fish but are aways from me and I never seem to make it to them. But god willing,this summer,I'm going to try.. Lets see. there's Canyon Creek,and there are lots of them,Pilchuck Creek,Money Creek,Crab Creek,RFC,Sloan Creek,The list could go on and on but I will usually tell the creek name and then you have to find it. That is what exploring is all about.



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Kalm, why are you even on this forum? Everything that you report has the potential to contribute to the death and overfishing of some area. What criteria are you using to determine a location's ability to handle fishing pressure? My recommendation would be for you to be the first one to decrease fishing pressure by only casting on your back lawn. No one raindrop thinks it's responsible for the flood.
Everyone who has shown a better way to tie a fly, given a tip, shared a fishing report...would be guillty of possibly contributing to overfishing. This is hyperbole of course. There are a very blessed few in the world who have picked up a fly rod. Keeping creeks secret only pushes more of us into the overfished areas, spawning terms like "combat fishing". Are we trying to recruit others to fly fishing? Fly fishers are more considerate of others and their surroundings, I find. If we are trying to convert others, having them stand elbow to elbow on the Madison fishing to trout that have been caught repeatedly and are educated is not the way to help them feel the love of fly fishing.
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