Turkey Opener

I don't hunt but I was hiking over in the teannaways and heard turkeys several times on the trail up to yellow mountain. Let me know if you need GPS coordinates. ;)


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First day:

Jon gets his bird at 6:19
Dad gets his bird at 12:30

Second day:

Had one locked up just over this knoll got disinterested and walked off...tried to pursue, but couldn't get close.
Put a bird to bed no more than 400 yards from our camp.

Third day:

Jon and Dad surrendered to the warmth or their sleeping bags...went out alone to chase the bird we put to bed. Got within 100 yards or so of the roost, he flew down and landed on the other side of a deep ravine, however, he stayed put and begged for the 'sugar' he thought I was to come his way. Needless to say he got more than what he was looking for...2 ounces of #6 at 1300fps more! Gave my thanks, grabbed my gear on the other side of the ravine and hiked back to camp all by 6:30. Only to find Jon and Dad sound asleep...couldn't believe they didn't wake up to my shot 400 yards away or so! View attachment 40914 View attachment 40913 View attachment 40915