Need advice on head cams

I'm going to buy a "head cam" for fishing. I've done the searches, got a few in mind, but I can't decide.

I'm considering everything from GoPro, the Contour HD, to the uCorder.

If anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated.


I have some feedback for you but you'll probably just say "he's picking on my again.";(

Mr. ADD, I'm sure you'd look really cool with a beanie hat camera.
Oh stop it PT! Come on man, what feedback do you have? I really like the Contour, but not sure where I could mount it easily. What do you you use?

And for your information, it's AADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder)


I use my memory. Fishing to me isn't about sharing on Youtube or even in my living room to my friends and family. I can tell a pretty good story. And, nobody wants to watch me not catch fish.

I'd have put another A in there if I'd have known you were and adult. Now I know.

Wow, the only thing we're missing is the climax.
I hear ya on the no camera thing. Truth be told I can tell stories as well, but my kids want to see the rattle snakes I step on. That, and my buddies don't believe just pictures of them.

I'd like to tape a few catches as well, just to show the family around Christmas time. Starting to feel like my stories are just that,...."stories".

As far as putting things on Youtube, I'll leave that for those who feel like they have to boast or something. (Oops, was that my outside voice?) :beathead:

Geez, now I know why you're so can't catch any fish?

I'll tell you what. When I chose on a head cam, I'll tape myself catching fish and send it to you. That way you can see what you're doing wrong and maybe start catching fish. <- You soooo set yourself up for that one. :clown:


Have you checked out any of the camera forums? Better yet, some of the ski and snowboard forums? Probably some good info there.
I have the gopro, it has good video but the sound quality is pretty bad. I use it for Auto-x and suction cup it to the inside of my sunroof. The sound is nothing but pops and snaps, sounds like a bad record. From what I have heard in the auto racing world the gopro HD is better in the sound quality.
I have never seen the other ones you mention.

Dan Nelson

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I've used a number of different helmet cams while skiing and paragliding (and speedgliding, which combines skiing and paragliding into one sport). The two stand-outs in terms of ease of use and price are the GoPro Hero and the ContourHD.

I like ease of use and quality of video of the Contour better than the GoPro, but the GoPro comes complete with a waterproof housing (Contour has a waterproof housing available as an accessory). Mounting options abound for both -- you get several different mounting options included with either camera, from stick-on mounts for hard surfaces (like helmets or boat hulls) to strap mounts to wear on goggle straps or headbands.

Note that Contour is a local Seattle company and has a great video sharing site of their own.

As for what to shoot, here's a great short video shot mostly with GoPros it seems taken during last week's meeting of river guides hosted by Simms.

Go with the GoPro if you don't mind the fisheye look to the video it's probably the best you can get. Also remember that the SDHC card you get is going to make a huge difference in quality. The cards have a class so be sure to get a class 6 or better. Bad thing about the GoPro is no display... but it's going to be strapped to your head so... guess that won't matter. Kodak Playsport is decent but sucks unless the light is perfect and they are kinda worthless without a tripod (too shaky).
I wasn't sure the forums existed but this was the first hit on google.
For skiing/snowboarding forums, TGR is easily the largest and contains the most information. Before asking questions, make sure to do a search as the regulars are less than kind to new users.

*edit* some good reading. Keep in mind in skiing, the camera's attach to your helmet, so the angles discussed will be a bit different.