Fishing La Paz

Just returned today from a trip to La Pax, Baha Sur, Mexico. First, the Mrs. said this is a good place and she would like to come back. Ok, check on that. The weather was 78 to 92 degrees with variable high wind and no wind. Fishing is important for no wind. Here is a brief cronology of the stay.
Day one. Meet friends in Cabo and drive to La Paz. Staying at La Concha. Flight is late and arrive at 8:30. Choose not to cook in condo and go to restaurant at Motel. Good choice. Food is ok not great..

Sunday. Time to explore. Fishing bays north of La Paz. Wind is 30 knots. Few fish on clousers and decievers. Casting is almost imposible. Oh well, catch small snappers, grouper, and barracuda.]

Monday. Search for a boat. Do to a tip from Sami, of Montana, and her husbund Mike who has a logging business and booze stores in Texas, we search out Lalo in La Ventana. He was top choice, second was Baja Joes, and Palas La Ventana. This is about 1 hour from La Concha. Found Lalo and made arrangements to go with Lalo on Tuesday.

Tuesday: After a 50 minute drive from La Paz we arrive at Lalo's home. We pick up his boat and launch it. We wait for 30 minutes to try and get bait. None. We take off and after a 1.5 hour ride, big waves we arrive at the fishing grounds off the northern portion of the island. I can not pronouce it so I will not venture to introduce it here. We troll for about an hour and catch four grouper. The commercial guys show up and because they are Lalo's friends we move. We cast, net, for bait and fill up. We move to a reaf. We fish with bait and catch grouper, snapper and other who knows what. After three hours we switch to clousers and decievers, olive over white. We catch some but get our butt's kicked with bigger fish that break off in the rocks. Termanal tackle was 20 lb. florocarbon. We end up with 12 species of which half are good. We keep 29, including Lalo's portion, to take home. The limit is 10 each. Groupers and snappers totaling about 30 lbs. of filets.

Wednesday. Totally calm. It takes 50 minutes to get to the fishing ground today vs. 1.5 hours. No grouper right away. The commercial friends show up and we go for bait. It takes longer today but the bait, "chum", is huge.
We go to a new reef. We start to troll and chum while several species show up including other fishing boats. We hook and catch two skip jack tuna. They are lousy to eat but they totally kick butt. Swith to flies, three hours latter, 5 skip jack, and total fatique, I make the option of changing. We go reef fishing. Today,queen grouper, grouper, snapper, oh my. Twenty seven fish between Jim and I kept on the fly with the largest at 15 lbs. we have the day. We had many, many, head to the rocks and break us off. Twenty lb. termanal leader was not sufficient. We end up with 15 species between yesterday and today. Dinner tonight is, like nothing better.

Thursday, Jim had something, so take it easey in the morning. In the afternood the wind is big but we wade out from La Concha. We catch small reef fish on clousers. It is a fun time but the "facilities" are close.

Friday, Jim is fealing poor. No fishing today. Lovely bride and I head to Todos Santos. Don't bother. Good lunch and nothing else worth the drive.

Saturady, drive to Cabo and home to Portland.

Sunday, after worship I am recruiting buddies to do it again. Will I do it again, oh yah.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Sounds like a good trip. I've fished with tailhunters international and they are top notch guides. I fished out of Ballandros just North of La Paz and I managed to hit a couple of green Jacks and one rooster.


Richard E

Active Member
Thanks for report!

How much do you think you spent on the trip? I fished La Paz a couple of times, coordinated through Fishabout with Jay Murakoshi as the host, and had a great time. It was a bargain. My dad and I both went; our first year we caught 22 or 23 different species, and the second year 18. I had one morning where in a few years my dad estimated I caught 20 small (4-7 pounds) roosterfish; another morning he guessed probably 25. It was incredible. Pargo, yellowfish, skipjack, marlin, dorado, amberjack - great stuff! Some of the photos can be seen in my Gallery . . .

I miss it. If I weren't going to Belize next year, I'd be for sure heading back to La Paz (or Loreto; a place I haven't fished yet in Mexico).