Thread Wrap and trim color for Sage VPS 896?

Any ideas for color combo of thread that looks good with this blank( Sage VPS 896)?
Please include manufacture of thread and code # in your post.

Thanks, greatly.


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VPS had green wraps while the rpl's had an off brown. The DS was a brown blank with black wraps, the rpl looked nicer in my opinion. Well that was of no help.
If I remember right that is a root beer colored blank, do you want a close match or something contrasting?
Mike your right this blank is root beer color. I was told by Sage the factory rods were made with the dark green main wrap and dark green NCP for trim. ( code # 5896A 5896 NCP Gudebrod) It would be nice if someone could send me a picture of the factory rod with the green wrap.

I also was thinking of the brown color and light brown or tan color trim, again pictures are worth a thousand words. I guess the browns would blend in with the color of the blank. Green? Brown ?
I just hold some thread up to the blank and see whats looks go and go with it. Match your reel seat and your golden. It's all about the flow of the rod.

Rob Ast

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I know the brown on the rpl just fades into the blank (esp as there is no color preserver on the main wraps). tan trim wraps stand out nicely.
Rob the tan trim wrap which one would look best. Gudebrod Tan 290 or Tan 290 NCP? I'm new to rod building.
Sage used 541 M Brown main wrap and 541 M Brown NCP for trim.

Rob Ast

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I usually do my trim in either metallic or NCP. A non-coated thread will just sort of disappear into the other wraps and blank, so if you're going to bother doing a trim wrap it might as well be something that stands out.


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If you plan to keep the rod and fish the heck out of it then use purple if it pleases you. That is all that is important. Otherwise do as the guys have advised. Just don't do red. Gawd, red wraps drive me crazy. It's personal thing.
just did an rpl with burnt orange thread and a silver green accent to match reel seat ,turned out nice ,burnt orange thread looked nice on the brown blank