Lenice and Nunally

I was wondering if you could bank fish Lenice or Nunally? I do not own a float tube or pontoon boat yet. Whick one is better for bank fishing?

Thanks in Advance

Yes,I've bank fished there many times over the years.If you are willing to walk about 15-20 minutes you can go in to the east end of the lake and avoid most of the crowds and have very good fishing.A lot of small trees have grown up where you have to walk since I have been in there.Once you are in there you will be past the trees.
Hey guys are there any good hiking trails out there? I'm thinking of going on Monday but the mini me and her mom would only be interested in hiking while I fished. Any insight is appreciated.


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Not really any "trails" to speak of, it's just typical open sage brush country. You can pretty much walk anywhere you want to. You should be warned that the wind can really pick up over there and doesn't make the walking all the much fun. They could always drop you off and venture up the hill to the Wild Hose Monument, or go back across the river to the petrified forest.


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There is a (rough?) road access from the south to the trail that runs along the summit of the Saddle Mountains; as I recall the trail begins near the antenna array on Sentinel Mountain. The last time I was there was a long time ago and I don't recall the details. There must be a trail guide for central/eastern Washington that would give directions.


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Your mini me and mother may want to watch out for rattlers around there. I personally haven't seen any, thankfully, but have heard of encounters. Good luck!!
Why don't ticks do us all a favor and make themselves availbable to trout? The trout would help us by lowering the tick population, and we could all perfect a chernobyl tick pattern.

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ran into a biiiiig rattler sight fishing bows in the inlet to blue lake couple years ago, i was casting and walking while following a nice fish and i looked onto the beach. fully spread out sunning, at least 5 foot long. id say that fish was pretty damn lucky.....