Osama Bin Laden is Dead!

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Thank God for rendition, Gitmo and enhanced interogation techniques. KSM sang like a canary after they were used on him. Never would have found OBL without these valuable tools in the fight against the bad guys.

The SEALS took a lot of hard drives, docs and other intell from the compound after they left. Many people(bad guys) around the world will be sleeping with one eye open.

Incredible amount of intell work and planning went into this. Great group effort military, CIA and NSA.

Let's use the same ingenuity and hard work to get this great country back on track and once again prosperous.
O mykiss, I'm sorry if I misinterpreted your thrust. These are indeed emotionally charged times we're living in. Again, I apologize.

I am all for setting politics aside as I see the whole dog n' pony show as a running distraction to keep folks from dealing in terms of the realities we all face. The politics as exacerbated by the mainstream media all too often prevents folks from getting all the facts they need to achieve a mature, informed assessment of "what we all face" actually IS. I think we all may benefit from putting in a little legwork to glean information which is being severely suppressed. It's a jungle out there to be sure. But I'm confident my fellow, albeit well divided (enter the dog and pony show), Americans can sift the wheat from the chaff if only they can plug alllll the factors into the equation: What gives?



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Obama bags Osama... fitting, don't you think? :rolleyes:

Yeh fitting that he condemned the techinques ( "torture" in Barry's lingo) used by the previous administration to get the valuable information which led to OBL. And yet he takes the credit for it now like a true POS politician.

Yeh and the brave men in the intell communities and the military had nothing to do with this. It was all Barry's hard work on the golf course and basket ball court that enabled this mission to succeed.

Going to a funeral this weekend for a boy that was just killed in Afghanistan by an IED.

I thought Barry promised to end the wars; instead the man of peace Barry just started a new one.
o mykiss
I wrote my thread without having heard the latest news of helo's crashing on the compound, photos of Barrack and his cabinet, pictures of the downed helo. Bottom line, Barrack made a great decision. No time for politics. I agree. But most importantly, I can't say how impressed I am with the Seal Team. What a proud moment and that is where we should focus. I couldn't have said it better than you said it above.
The 40 Seals are instant heroes.
This is a time to feel proud about what we can accomplish when we really set our minds to it. Obviously much credit must go to the military and intelligence personnel who actually planned and carried this out, but it is partly the fruit of the labors of two different administrations from opposite ends of the political spectrum over the course of a decade. Well said.
Not a Barrack hater. I am just a realist and try to keep my mind open.

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In my hot headedness last night, I worded things poorly. I think it's significant, I just don't think it warrants celebration. We made a martyr out of him, and in that culture, that's seen as a good thing to his followers. They don't view death as we do, many will be inspired to die as he did.... I for one fear the retaliation, and inspiration that will grow from this...
And perhaps that retaliation will turn out like Midway after the Doolittle Raid.

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I appreciate the perspective of the collective. I do not always say the right things, think the right thoughts or agree with the masses. I am glad that the face of terrorism in my lifetime has met his premature demise. I'm glad that those serving in the U. S. Armed Forces accelerated that demise. For those with whom I served, thank you. For those that served before me, thank you. For those that serve still, thank you. Your dedication to the principles which make our nation great means a great deal to me, my wife and our two young daughters.

To the Al-Qaeda forces and/or Taliban...who's next? I hear the U. S. Navy Seals are ready for their next gig, the other U. S. Special Forces units are primed and ready to take their shot too.
Not to sound like a tinfoil hat wearing weirdo... But this whole "no pictures, no video, and immediate burial at sea" thing leaves me with a bit of skepticism.
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