Beaver Lake...New waders and an old rod long gone!


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Fished Beaver on a friends boat for a couple hours...had all my gear locked in the back of my pickups canopy. I either left a side window open or they pried it open and some dirtbag got away with an almost new pair of Patagonia Watermaster waders and an old backup rod that had almost no value! It could have been much worse... Force Fins and some nice reels were in a large dry bag and way forward in the truck bed and my Fish Cat couldn't fit through the side window. It might have been one of the 'powerbaiters' fishing at the launch, but would be hard to prove and I don't have the time to set up a 'sting operation', but the thought is tempting! It's been 30+ years since I've been ripped off, so I guess the odds caught up to me?!
Sorry for your loss. Sad that it happens like this everywhere one goes. I'll use this as a reminder to myself to hide/secure my things better (not saying you didn't) in the future. Hope the fishing worked out well before this happen.