Whatcom County open for the salt?

Before I head out tomorrow (Thursday), does anyone know if the Salt is open yet in Whatcom County? I don't want to do this bike ride all the way there to go buy a license only to find out that it's not even open yet for me...

Area 7 is open year round for trout and other species, not open for salmon right now till july. Bellingham bay has different restrictions but I think searuns are open year round.
Yes, salt is open year-round for trout, catch and release, except up to 2 hatchery steelhead may be retained, I believe. So go ahead and keep those two hatchery steelies you catch off the beach!;)

I'd like to hear how it goes at Pt. Roberts if you don't mind reporting. My job takes me up there occasionally, and I've wondered about the beaches there.
Ah, okay. I was just wondering cause I remember when I was around 13 or 14 and my parents dropped me off up there and while fly fishing a park ranger told me I had to stop. This was years ago, so I've never been sure when it opened...or closed...
House duties called on me today so I'm hoping to get up there on the tuesday coming up.
it says clearly in the regs that no one from canada may fish or fly fish whatcom county......:clown:

if you look at the regulations you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt if the area you wish to fish is open or not. that way you will have no one to blame but yourself if a gamey gets you.:ray1:
threads like this crack me up. if you can't take the time to get on the WDFW website and check the regs for yourself; what makes you think that someone else will and why would you take that chance?