Columbia River

Rob Allen

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We Finally got some warm weather and the big fat females have to be moving into shallow bays and sloughs in the Columbia River Gorge. These fish will be in range of fly fishers for about the next two months as they spawn and recover from spawning then they will be back out in the main river only moving into fly fishing range on occasion or on mornings and evenings.
The water is still kinda dirty so fish bigger flies. Bait fish and crayfish patterns should produce well.. don't forget to super glue a rattle or two onto the hook shank...

now's the time to get a 6 pounder hope some of you give it a shot

Shawn West

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I fished the entire day last Sunday with 2 small fish (12" & 13") landed. I ended up fishing two lakes. Four hours on lake number one with not one strike. The water temperatures at both lakes were 49 degrees. I do agree with Rob, the fishing should start picking up. I will probably take this weekend off, but I will be back out there again the following week. Thanks for the info Rob, maybe I will see you out on the water one of these days.



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I've been out on the mid-C a few times fishing the sloughs. It's not gangbusters but I've hooked up a few very nice (4+ lb) smallies. Bunny leeches with rubber legs and coneheads. Cover lots of water.