What's your favorite grab?

What's your favorite grab?

  • Dry fly on the surface

    Votes: 13 43.3%
  • Wet fly subsurface

    Votes: 10 33.3%
  • Light tip

    Votes: 2 6.7%
  • Medium tip

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Heavy tip/deeply sunk

    Votes: 5 16.7%

  • Total voters


Tight line takes ain't no fakes!!
My own thoughts on this are that surface and slightly subsurface takes with a floating line happen faster and obviously have less line/water tension. The take in general is felt by the angler much quicker. The fish are generally hotter as they have moved up in the water column to eat the fly. These are the kind of takes I think most everyone prefers.

As the fly is sunk deeper in the water column on heavier and heavier tips, water tension on the line slows down the time between the fishes initial grab and when that grab is felt on the rod end. The grabs on a deeply sunk fly can be violent as well. The weight of the line and tip in the water is also a part of that arm yanking deep weighty pull that we all love too.

I don't know, each grab type from the above list all have their appeal. I like them all, the surface is probably my favorite. A visual signal coupled with the instantaneous connection is pretty hard to beat.

What do you guy's think? What's your favorite grab?
The subsurface, surprise attack is the most exciting. I do like the deep swing, it usually starts with a question, then some serious line ripping...it's always about the same...as the line starts to get heavy you say "Is that a fish? raise the tip ever so slowly, and the race is on! "Oh yeah, that's a fish!".


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I 'll have to think about that one, since it seems I only hook fish when I'm not paying attention. I can tell you that my least favorite is the hang down. Ironically, that seems to be the only time I am paying attention. :D


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They are all my favorite but the situation and mood play more into it than anything. Maybe on a long dry stretch and all you can do, when you finally move a fish is get a pluck, pull or even boil. Anything that finally connects feels good.

Or maybe you are set on doing something specific- winter dryline with a deep sunk swinging fly or a waker or hitched wet or wet just under the surface or...they all feel nice when it happens.

If I had to choose I would take having to 'work' a fish. I don't really care which classic method is used as getting back a seen/unseen guestimate (is it a char or steel?) is quite nice. The more casts it takes the better. But I do like these encounters a little more when they're visible.

What about the fish that moves to your fly and drops it only to pick it up again on the same swing? Fish that follow for a long way to finally either get pinned or gone for good. Or this plucker fish following in, finally grabbing the fly but not turning with it...what to do? Jab? Or wait? Jab? Or wait? All the more exciting when this happens near or at the dangle as there is little to no current to pull the line.

Grabs that require a little more angler input/reaction in general are filed away in the easier to recall places of the sponge.

But then the fish that just climbs aboard breaking the drought....

I find it hard to categorize the takes by the line or how deep the fly is being fished. Some generalizations do apply at times. But was it the line? Conditions? Or that individual fish? Or what we perceived about the encounter that possibly clouds reality?


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I like all but the hang down. Hang down takes are usually anti-clamactic for me, and generally result in a really awkward hookset.


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A major candidate for the all time favorite takes has be those rare summer fish that attack a waking fly by launching itself clear of the water and taking the fly on the way down - hard not to jerk at the initial surface commotion. While I have only a handful take the fly in such a way they definitely get the old ticker going.

Another favorite is when the surface fly (either drag free or waking) just disappears leaving only a bubble on the surface and then the delayed explosion of a hot fish as the angler tights on the potential fish.

Tight lines

Bob Jones

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Is it she grabbing or you ? Sorry ,you guys are talking about fish? was thinking somthing else. with fish I'll take any grab,and with the other too! Happy fishing .

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I chose the heavy tip deeply sunk but that's not entirely accurate as after discovering how cool it is to have a steelhead take an intruder I've been fishing them to a fault. One needs a heavy tip to get a buoyant fly like an intruder down so I am not really fishing all that deep and in reality I'm fishing more in line with a medium tip would swing.
Gotta be a skated or waked fly, I vividly remember my first. One fall day on the North fork Stilly, I spotted a fish in about 3' of water, Itied on a greased liner and went to work. I can still see that big white mouth break the surface and inhale the fly. I was on my knees and my heart was in my freakin throat!
I know that I am the outcast in this forum, since I still have not purchased my two hander yet. The coolest grab I have had to date was fishing in Bozeman MT and we were skating mouse patterns. Watched a 25" brown come out from under the bank and slam the fly. Not sure if I will ever top it. So in this case I would have to say surface, but catching fish on a 5 inch streamer is pretty damn good too.