Aeneas Lake


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I am looking at Aeneas right now. It is clear with no wind. As expected the wind has been coming up in the afternoon. Water temp is around 57°. Expect it will warmer by Memorial Day. The fish are for the most part cookie cutter bows between 16” and 18”. So far, it is all chironomids. I did take some fish with a bugger under an indicator in deeper water. The shoal in the NW corner is working early in the AM and then slows down. Then it is a good time to move and fish the water right along a shoal and drop of. I had better luck moving the static fly up (size 14 – 18) off the bottom. The fishing is consistent but not fast and furious. Yesterday was 15 to hand. One stomach sample had some very large black chironnies about size 10. Maybe an indicator of things to come as the water warms.

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Thanks for the nice report and great photos! I am so looking forward to getting out there. I have been working nights for a big shutdown where I work and haven't had a chance to get on the water yet. But starting Memorial weekend I should be on and off the water for a good chunk of the summer, at least until it gets to warm. Thanks again! Ken
Fished Aeneas today (Sunday). Lots of cookie cutter bows 16 - 18". Nice hatch of #14 black chironomids came off about 11am and lasted till about 1:30. Fished the NW corner and got fish in both 25 feet of water and up on the shoal. A few of the larger #10 chironomids mixed in the hatch but fish didn't seem keyed in. Water temp 58 degrees. Lots of turtles swimming around. I tried everything but I didn't have a fly in my box that they would take!

Fished Chopaka on Saturday with about 30 others. Lost count of catching 14" cookie cutter planters in 10' of water on a chironomid. A couple fish went about 16". Most fish were full of #16 chironomids - grass green in color. #16 black with white head also got a few. Did see a couple calibaetis on the water but everything seems to be at least a week behind. Water temp 52. I hadn't fished Chopaka for a few years and it was nice to revisit but I probably wont be back anytime soon. For the same drive from Seattle there are lakes with kamloops bows, great scenery, and you can actually get a camping spot. :)


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Daryl, I am always surprised at how many people drive past so much good water to get to Chopaka then fish in a crowd similar to WalMart the week before Christmas. I have been there twice in the last ten years on weekdays and each time it was just a zoo. Fortunately neither trip had Chopaka as a destination, I was in the area fishing some other good lakes and went up with friends to see what all the buzz was about.

Thanks for the input on Aeneas, I hope to fish it on the 23rd if the weather gives us any kind of a break at all. The long range forecast isn't that good. This coming Wed, Thurs and Friday look good but I have been assigned to other lakes on those days.



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Thanks again for the reports on Aeneas, I will be fishing it quite a bit in my future as we just bought a home close to it. I heard rumor that a couple years ago the state planted some tiger trout in there, any signs of them? Thanks, Ken