south fork of the snoqualmie

i had some fun fishing this river and im just wondering if it is open right now, and if so has anyone fished it lately or does anyone know how it tipicly fishes this time of year. thanks,


Chris Scoones

Staff member
It runs consistently high through the winter but at times can be wadable. If the flows allow try it after we've had a couple warmer days in a row. Stick to nymphs (hairs ear, prince) but try a large streamer through some of the deeper pools to mix it up.

I don't usually fish it in winter so I can't give you a report right now other then how the river looks. Email me if an when your thinking of going and I'll let you know.


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Well, I was personally thinking of hitting either the Middle or the South fork this Sunday. For me is time to rest the big rod, and the big flies and think small again.

Now, did you mean to say that one should hit the river after a couple of warm days? Don't you mean cold days to freeze the snowpack?

And I noticed that the PDF you copied from shows the manin Snoqualmie closing on March 31, when it will close on March 1, tomorrow. :pROFESSOR

I was fishing about a week ago on the SF Snoqualmie up near Tinkham, but without success. The weather was absolutley beautiful, with a thin veil of clouds and warmish temps. The fish were not cooperating, however. If I were to try the SF again soon, I might try fishing further downstream, as the water temps could be a bit warmer there. (pure speculation, by the way).

I believe that PT nymphs are probably your best bet.

I may go try either the MF or NF this afternoon, and if I do I will let you know what I discover.

Fish on!


Chris Scoones

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Hi Rob,

I'm saying that after a couple days of warmer weather, I've perceived the trout's activity to rise. If the warmer weather hasn't brought up the flows too high, game on. That's in general though and I've also produced on the river at other times. This time of year I'd head out expecting my line to get wet and happy to release a few fish.

Didn't mean to include the listing for the main river which your right is closing tomorrow. For those that didn't see the rules changes...

[|Snoh] | [|Stilly] | [|Skagit] | [|Puyallup] | [|Nooksack] | [|Humptulips]


I haven't fished the South Fork in a long long time. But I remember being up there early and finding some little black stones, a very early-season hatch. They're sometimes called "snow flies." A couple size 10 or 12 black stimulators w/ dark wings might be worth bringing along. You never know. :WINK
I was under the impression that only the Middle Fork was open during the winter. It appears to me that, according to the reg's page printed out earlier (thanks for that), it is o.k. to fish the other two forks all year long providing we use selective gear and practice catch and release. Is that correct? If so that would really open up some more opportunities to fish. :DUNNO

Chris Scoones

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I was under the same impression, even while I've been living on the S. Fork. Looks as if the regs say different but regardless I'll usually head over to the Yak during the colder months.

If you go let me know how you do.
The rivers are open above the falls but fishing will be tough because the water is cold and the fish tend to either migrate down into deep pools(if they are big) or hide in the substrata if they are small until the water warms. Randy

Chris Scoones

Staff member
Rob, today would be one of those days I've described. The river is in excellent shape and we've had some nice weather. Days like these are few but do happen.




I was going to go some time this week,but I see that the weather is not going to cooperate. I thought that it would just stay the way it was on Sunday and then just warm up. But nooo it is turning cold again. I was up on the Skagit Sunday and had trouble keeping my eyes free of ice(on the rod). And no I had my usual luck. All bad. Jim S. :DUNNO :DUNNO