6 days to RETIREMENT & fishing trip too


Hey you guys
A little help here please. I have been working since June of 1957 at age 9 and it is time to stop. Aside from 6 days to retirement:D I have been given a one week use of a Towne House in Bigfork, Mt. with a one day guided trip with Two River Gear & Outfitter. We have never fished Mt. other than Yellowstone so any advisement would be appreciated such as better time of year to go for one. Another would be what streams, rivers in the Bigfork area that one can get to wading rather than floating. Thanks in advance.:beer1:
Can you cast from the window of the Town house?
Great place, Bigfork, MT.
Be sure to eat at the ole stage station, best prime rib ever.
Just pick some water and start casting, good fishing abounds.
O'ya congrats, lucky dog
Sooo, does your favorite son get to go on this fishing trip??????????

I better warn everyone as well, this old guy just bought himself a laptop so his post count could skyrocket!!

Congratulations OLD MAN, you deserve the retired life!!

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Congrats on your retirement you old fart. But right now the rivers are in flood stage. Several places along I-90 are closed because of high water. The Missouri might be a good bet because it has several dams on it. But anything else will probably be a wash out.


Hey you guys
Thanks for the information guys. The good thing about this is that we can go any time of our choosing. We are leaning towards September and I would think that would be a pretty good time to do so. I have some information on one fly shop that we will be sure to check out. Any further info. will be appreciated.
I'm so jealous! About a year from now, I'll be posting a similar message. I started working in the late fifties also and after several job changes, have been in a classroom for 25 years. Next year's it for me and I hope to spend many quality days fishing after that. Congratulations!

Upton O

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So Gator, we're the same age, both from Yakima and now you are coming into recess period. Welcome and well done. Which high school in the valley did you attend? Please don't tell me Davis.

Ed Call

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Upton, aren't you a bit beyond the high school rivalry crap? Just get Gator out on the water every day for the next month and enjoy the camaraderie.

Upton O

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Ed, first, we never get over the Ike/Davis crap, there isn't much else to do in Yakima. The next issue: I didn't bring up the Georgia Bulldog/Florida Gator possibility, football fans from southern universities love to poke at each other. We even get to take turns being national champions. Gator can fish with me anytime he finds himself on this side of the mountains, he can teach me a thing or two while I give him a ration of "stuff". I'm sure he'll manage retirement like many of us have, never enough time to get everything done, wondering how we got it done while we were working. The reason is because we CAN put it off until tomorrow because there is no job to report to. Best wishes Gator, hit the water often, expand your horizons, take new risks. We're in the 4th quarter and we can't see how much time is left on the clock. Just don't tell me you're a Davis grad.
Thought I should respond since the old man is out of town for a few days. He's not a Davis grad but thank god he's not an Ike grad either!!! Sorry, Upton but I had to throw that in there. I was a West Valley grad.