Morels, and quite an awesome additional find

I got out for morels a few times over the past week or two, and have been able to pick about a gallon each time. Much more exciting though, was finding a deer carcass, rotted away, with a rack still attached. It was a 7X8 mule deer, found at the bottom of a big draw, I couldn't even guess if it was a lost one from hunting season, or winter mortality, or a predator, but it looked like the whole body had been there. I took the head out of there, but being uncertain of the law, contacted the local warden. In Washington state you can't keep a head, only sheds, so its going to the department, but it was still awesome to find.

Back to the morels - do any of you have any favorite morel recipe or suggestions for me? I love getting out and picking them, but don't think I've explored enough on different ways to cook them yet.
Yeah Morels are great and all, but anyone take a look at that absolute TROPHY WA BUCK?
Take a lotta bags of morels to match a find like that to be certain, well done Boyd ya lucky sack!


I hope she likes whitefish
Nice find!

We let them soak in cold salt water to drive all the insects out. Then we saute them in butter with lemon juice and garlic. The ones we don't eat fresh, we dehydrate and save for a rainy day. :D

Here's mama and Shelby last weekend.
Like luke said, Cold salty water bath. I cant eat them but the rest of my family loves um. I slice them length ways. Let them sit out and dry while you 1/4 inch dice bacon and saute it. Boil a pot of water and toss some spuds in and make mash spuds and add parmesan chees, butter, heavy whip and garlic...salt an pepper to tast "keeping in mind bacon is being added". Toss your fav meat on the grill and toss your morels in the pan of bacon sweetness with a diced onion and let it cook down, add beef stock and make a thick gravy and put it on the steak. I wish I could eat them.....they tast so good. I make this meal the first time we all go out picking of the year and yes one hell of a buck.
Thanks for the suggestions, I've breaded + fried before, and simply sauteed in butter a lot, I'm just trying to be more creative now. Made some Creamy Parmesan Morel and Asparagus Pasta tonight, turned out pretty well.
Phosphorous is limiting in the systems, mostly comes from bones, best to leave the antlers whether sheds or on the skull. I would take the head back to where I found it, or to someo ther isolated locale, hide it well and tell no one.