Weather Turmoil at Teal

Ed Call

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Packed my rig last night with plans to hit Cady or Teal today after work. Beautiful morning and early afternoon turned windy and gray, and the rain began to fall. I headed north because it would be closer to home. Hard rain, strong winds and even some hail as I approached the Hood Canal Bridge. Thought of diverting and just going home...for about one nanosecond.

Inflated the float tube, strung up the rods and wadered up. Suddenly the rain stopped. Carried my stuff down to the lake. Hey, the wind has stopped too. The surface of the lake was dead calm.

There were fish feeding everywhere. Of course not on the surface, but just below.

Air temp 58*
Water temp 62*

I fished for about four hours. I landed nine, ldr'd a few and missed a few takes. None with any size to them but on a 4wt bamboo rod from Lew C. Parks you can't have a bad time. Caught one spiny ray pan fish, maybe a sunfish? Nice marbled teal markings on the side of the head. It was big, probably 9" long, quite a surprise. How did those get in here?

Emergers and streamers worked. Dries did not. I kept trying to get them to rise to dries, they were not fooled.

Rain started up at about 9:30 so I kicked like hell to the take out and headed for the house. It really was good to get out on the water. Busy weekend planned so I got my work week and fishing time done.
Nice report Ed. I've got the next 3 days off so I'm definitely planning on making my way over there a couple times. Sure is fun having it so close by.

(Me thinks you must be sleepy, as I just noticed this was in the saltwater forum lol)

Ed Call

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Crap, thought I was intentionally clicking stillwater. Missed that, botched the whole post, I'm a failure. Sure was nice to have the weather change drastically and improve as I was ready to push off. Sure made the trip a lot nicer. Moved to stillwater, sorry for the hassle.

Old Man

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Midnight stocking on the pan fish. Maybe somebody didn't want to drive to far to fish for good eating so they stocked that lake by the light of the silvery moon.

Or the eggs got stuck on some birds legs and they transferred them there.
I bet that panfish got you excited for a split second. The only I caught there a couple weeks ago sure felt heavy for a brief instant, and got my heart pumping. Turned out it was about half the size of the one you caught. Would love to find a source for catching those things on a more consistent basis. Would give me a good excuse to pick up a 3 wt.

Ed Call

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Nick, let me know if you need a 3wt. I have one too many. It hit aggressively, then two strips into the fight it turned broadside. I wondered what it was. Sure was pretty, but not sure that it belongs where it is. Apparently it is eating pretty good. It hit one of Western's multi colored buggers I think.
I'm heading up there early in the morning, perhaps I'll tie into one. I have been toying with the idea of a 3 wt, specifically to use tossing small soft hackles and emergers on that lake. I'll keep you in mind if I decide I have to have one. I've been acquiring gear at a alarming rate again lately, so who knows.

If anyone is up there and sees a fat guy in a green pontoon, say howdy.


Jeff Dodd

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Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great evening.
So water temps are already 62 degrees? How much longer do I have before this little lake is too warm to fish? Early July out of the question?


Ed Call

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Jeff, if I can recall correctly this is the second recent trip where the water was at or nearly 62*. Based on the limited amount of sunshine I find this surprising. Heck a month ago, maybe a bit more because I've been busy and lost total track of time, it seemed like the water was around 42*. Maybe my thermometer is messed up, but the water has been comfortably warm. Last outing I had on my waders and only a thin nylon cargo pant. Never even felt the slightest bit uncomfortable. Sorry I can't really pin down a fish here by this day date. Probably up to mother nature and the amount of cloud cover and overnight temps.

Jeff Dodd

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Thanks Mumbles and Nick. Yeah, we've rarely surpassed 62 degrees air temp this year, but sounds like Teal is warming quickly. I fished Lone lake yesterday and it is up to 58 degrees.