Saw this on Craigslist

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Check out this post on Craigslist. This guys is selling a ton of gear.


G. Loomis STR1141S 9'6" IMX Spinning rod--it's been used a lot, but is still in perfect working order. Comes with a Shimano Spirex 4000 spinning reel, he says you'll want to change the line on it. Perfect summer steelhead rod, $250.
G. Loomis SR842 7' GLX Spinning rod--has seen medium use, in good working condition, it's the best"all around" trout rod. $200


Echo Dec Hogan 13'3" #8 - medium use, good winter spey rod $225
Echo Dec Hogan 12'6" #6 - light use, good summer spey rod $225
Echo Dec Hogan 12'2" #5 - light use , good light summer spey rod $225
Echo TR 12'0" #5 - lawn cast only, comes with sock and a case $225
Echo Switch Rod 10'10" #6, light use comes with a case but no sock. Perfect summer rod for small river steelheading. $200


Echo 2 9'#9 Saltwater, has seen heavy use, comes with a sock and a case. This is a good rod for fall chinook and a great backup rod for the salt. $125
Echo 10' #7 has seen very light use, , comes with a case but no sock. Great summer steelhead rod for nymphing. $75
Echo 2 9'#5 medium use, comes with only the accuracy tip, great rod for local trout waters. $125
Echo 9'#8 very heavy use, this was his go to rod for years in the fall before he got into two hand rods. $50
Echo 2 10' #8, medium use, this rod used to have a separate tip that made it a 9'6" rod but he lost it. Good winter and fall nymphing rod. $125
Echo 9'#5, light use, has case and sock. Good all around trout rod. $75
Echo 8'#4, this is the first Echo rod he ever got, but he hardly ever used it. Good for trout in small waters. $75


Jake - he did have it linked originally, although it was difficult to see.

I'm not going to remove any posts, this is an internet message board so some thick skin is needed. Depending on how you read your initial response it could certainly come across as a bit smarmy to begin with.

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I'll second Ibn's note, Jake.

Additionally, I'll take the hit on link being a bit hard to see. I've adjusted things so links on the board are more obvious.
You can all go fuck yourselves. I made a simple statement and the response is totally over the top and I'm the one that needs to be thick skinned, Any one of you worthless pieces of shit is more than welcome to come out from behind your modems and call me numbnuts in person.
OK.....??? Seriously? I had no problem with the link, and thought *numbnuts* was pretty damn funny. But apparently you didn't. It might not be as much of a case of thick skin as it is to lighten up a bit. Just sayin'. You can call me numbnuts any day and I'll get a chuckle out of it.

It's just too bad he didn't have any two handers for sale....
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