Affordable switch rods...

I've got 2 Buelah's, 2 TFO's, and a Sage. Switch rods have saved my crappy shoulders. I like Outbound shorts, and shooting heads w/mono running line for the beach. Oh, and get a shooting basket.


Just a quick pointer to Philster's remark about kicking out the bottom hand as the last motion before the forward cast. I spent a lot more time than I normally do overhead casting two-handed rods @ the Sandy Clave with some guys. One thing I noted is a final out&up move by the bottom hand @ the end of the backcast . . . similar to the horizontal drift used by single hand distance casters.

All I know for sure is that it helped my two-handed overhead casting - it really helps set the rod in the optimal position for the forward stroke. Takes a bit of practice but defiitely worth it!
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out lines right now. I really have no clue about the differences in Scandi's, Skagits, and all of that stuff. I'm not really looking for a river line for swinging for steels or anything- this is going to 95% beach use, with long casts with probably a bit of wind thrown in (what beach doesn't get wind eh?).
Something simple, something effective. That's all I really want.
Not sure if it's something that you'd be interested in but I have an 11' 7wt Winston BIIX that is in the classifieds right now. I'm the 3rd owner but the rod has never been fished (You can see how clean the cork is in the pics) and has the factory tube, sock and blank warranty card. For the money that you'd spend on a TFO, Echo, or similar Mid line rod you can have a really nice premium stick.
Thanks SF, that is a great offer, but I am already looking at a Redington CPX. I hope you can find someone to buy that- I would if I had some extra cash for sure!

My next step is a reel and line. I'm having the most difficult on line selection!
I've also owned the 11'3" 7wt CPX that you're looking at. I would say that for the money it is a great rod. And if you can find a used one it's an even better value. As far as reels and lines I used a Lamson Velocity 3.5 and Ambush on mine. I think that's a setup that would work very well for you. :thumb:
...Its almost like we're the same person!
How do you know we're not the same person posting under two different user names just to mess with everyone else??? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Yeah I really dig the Lamson reels. I like the fact that the drag system is consistent throughout the line. So a guy can buy a reel with a bombproof drag and save a few bucks by giving up the fit and finish. As time's gone on I've gradually worked my way down from the Lightspeed to the Velocity to the Guru and even a few Konics. Just can't justify spending the extra $.
The Echo SR is what I have. I still have not fished mine yet but my friend has the same rod. It balances great with a Konic and casts like a dream. We use them mostly for spey casting but it can single and double hand over head cast a country mile. And that is with a line that is not meant for over head casting. It is just a few bucks cheaper than the CPX but a very nice rod.