Michigan UP trip planning

I’ll be in the Drummond Island area on the Lake Huron side of Michigan’s UP for a week around the July 4th weekend. This will be my first visit to the area. The occasion is a wedding but I’ll have the ability to get away for some mornings and evenings. I’ve been told that canoes and kayaks are available but I’m not sure if this will be for exploring bays on the big lake or fishing the many smaller lakes on the island. I expect that smallies will be the most fly-friendly species available. Probably lots of sunfish around as well. I’m planning on packing a 6wt with floater and various sinking lines and a 4wt with floater and intermediate lines. I have a box of Clousers and various other bass creature bugs including a few poppers. I’ll bring my stillwater trout boxes for smaller quarry.

Does anyone have any specific intel on that area? I plan to stop at an outfitter store in Mackinaw City on my way up but don’t know what to expect for fly-specific info.

thanks all.