Father Daughter trip

Shawn West

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I got to go back to Boise to spend time with my wife and daughter. I had rented a cabin for a couple of nights so my daughter and I could do a little fishing together. We got on the lake around 3:30pm on Sunday. My daughter decided to use a spin outfit with a bubble and fly. I broke out my trusty 2wt setup. My daughter was very rusty from not fishing in almost a year. I spent a lot of time getting her flies out of the cattails. My daughter was starting to get cold, so I gave her my fly rod and towed her towards shore. She ended up catching her first LMB of the year on the way in.

Typical bluegill at this lake.

The next day, we went to a different lake to try our luck for some smallies and crappie. The wind did not cooperate with us. I managed to catch a few fish. My daughter caught a decent crappie. I was not happy with the fishing, but I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my daughter.

My daughter used a spinner to catch this crappie

The hot fly for me was a #10 Blonde Stayner.

Bob Jones

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You did pretty well concidering and the time with your Daughter was the best part. nice fish. good enough to eat.
Great report. Thanks for sharing! I keep reading reports for blue gill, crappie etc and it sure has me itchin to find a place to tie into some of those tasty little treats.

Shawn West

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On my way back to Vancouver from Boise, I stopped at one of my favorite lakes near the Dalles Dam. I had not planned on fishing that day, but what can I guy do when he drives through that area and there is little to no wind? He has to stop and throw a few flies to see what is biting. When I got to the waters edge, I spotted a few bluegills along with some smallies. I decided to hit the lake with my 2wt rig. My plan was to target the gills and hopefully hook a smallie or two along the way.

I started off throwing a small cork body popper. I focused my casts towards the brush hanging over the waters edge. When I worked the popper, I could see bass chasing the fly, but they would rarely take it. I changed my technique by letting the fly sit as long as possible after landing under the bushes. That turned out to be the key. I started catching bass on a consistent basis. Most were in the 8" to 12" range, but I also landed a few smallies in the 16" range.

I was not on the water for more than 40 minutes when the wind started to pick up a bit. I was having trouble seeing my popper and detecting strikes. I switched to a Simi Seal Leech. I started getting strikes on just about every cast. About this time, an elder gentleman started fishing from shore at my put-in. He was casting as far out as he could with bait and a bobber. After a short period of no hits for the guy, I suggested he fish close to shore. He landed a small bass shortly afterward. He had caught a hopper in the nearby brush and put that on his hook. Those bass could not get enough of thoes hoppers. He would catch a fish and go off to find another hopper. He was having a blast. I was getting as much pleasure watching him catch those fish on his ultra weight set-up as I was catching fish myself.

I almost forgot to mention that I caught my largest bluegill to date in the state of Washington on that popper. It was a 9" beauty. It hit my popper while I was stripping it back to me to make another cast. That turned out to be the only bluegill I caught that day. The water level at this lake has dropped about 12" since I was last there three week ago. The culvert that connects the lake to the Columbia River is almost high and dry. One other observation. the few bass that spit out its lunch had been eating 2" minnows.

I can not go back to Boise over the holiday weekend, so I might just have to go fishing. The wind will determine if I fish in the Stevenson area or head back to the Dalles. Hope to see you on the water.