Decent cheap sunglasses?


dead in the water
Anyone got a suggestion for a decent (low eyestrain) set of polarized polycarb lens sunglasses? I typically buy glass lens Smiths when I find them on sale or ebay for a good price. Glass lenses have always seemed clearer and and felt like they gave less eyestrain.

But now that my fishing time is limited by the "kid schedule", and I find myself trying to stretch the daylight hours, I think I'd like to try out a pair of low light yellow lenses. However, I don't think I'm ready to drop real coin on them.

Chili's from REI? Whatever "super-fishing" glasses it is that WalMart carries? Something else? Spend a little more and get an interchangeable lens set? Save my cash for something else and get cheap-o safety glasses from the hardware store?



Geriatric Skagit Swinger
Dude! Don't even think about getting some inferior product! These are your eyes we're talking about.
You need The Shades from Sage or you go blind.
Not only will you be able to see into the water, but through boat bottoms, bridge decks, and bikinis.
I buy mine for $4.95 a pair. They meet all the UVA/UVB standards, but are not very styl'n. My glasses don't last a full season. Why buy spendy ones when they're just going to end up broke or lost anyway. And it's not like I'm posing for the camera anyway either, so looks don't matter that much to me.

Well, truth be told.....I have to save my money for the 7000 diapers I have to buy for the kids. :clown:
I have two identical pairs of Chili's sunglasses from REI and they seem to work great. Like $20 per pair. Pretty lightweight, comfortable, the best sunglasses I've ever had anyway.
I break and lose glasses often so have never spent coin on them. The most I've ever spent was $50 on a pair of LL Bean fishing glasses, but that's because someone gave me a gift card for exactly that amount. They're fine but I wasn't blown away by the difference with...

I use Calcutta ( You can get a pair of polarized for $15 at ACE or other local retailers. I've even found them at some online outlets for as low as $5 and just picked up 4-5 pairs. I love the variety of lenses they offer- the orange works wonders in low light. I've always used orange when driving in the rain around these parts, and they work equally well on foggy water.
I've gotten quite accomplished at smashing and losing nice sunglasses so I recently bought some Sunclouds and love them. Not super cheap but not a ton either. Great polarized lens.