First redneck bonefish, kinda by accident

what callenge?
and wow make funny of top in my class,
well looks like to me you dont know what your talking about when it comes to carp because the lake wildlife bioloigist was on my side
and you send all you time trying to catch one.

The challenge was for you to catch one on a fly, and once you get one carp on the fly then please come back and give us your opinion of them. I would be willing to bet that after you catch just one your opinion will have changed.
Why waste time attempting to change a person with a closed mind who is only interested in "stiring up the pot." He wins by getting you piss*** off. He would rather sneer at others without ever finding out through direct experience how difficult it might be try this type of fishing.


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If you click on this URL you can see this awesome new fly i tied last night, please give me your opinion on how well you think it will work,
I do not mind if you take my idea because carp are an exciting fish to catch from what i hear from you guys, and this looks like it will work great!
Can't wait to try it out!
That's pretty good. I also have great success with my Wonder Bread Dough Ball imitation and my Turd Imitation, (The latter being a floating fly).
It's amazing how concerned you are with what other people choose to do for fun. Fish for carp, don't fish for carp.... Who cares?

Worrying about how someone else fishes is the equivalent of following Brad and Angelina on a weekly basis in a People magazine.
redneck bonefish

  1. Carp compete with other species for food.....duhhh....last time I checked white man also competed with "other species" for food.
  2. Carp destroy the riparian habitat....(nowhere near the scale achieved by white man)...Carp often are planted in golf courses and other still waters to keep the weeds (riparian habitat) under control.
  3. Carp eat the eggs of other fish........And what highly prized species is it that is commonly targeted using their own roe for bait???? SALMON!
  4. Carp are notorious for consuming the fry of other fish........But it's O.K. if you are a brown trout, or a big mouth bass., cause we have plugs and flies that imitate the small fish they eat. Yeah,,,, right. :beathead:
I don't get it. Why is it somehow like a calling by a higher power to spend bou cou bucks and travel to far off destinations to fish for planted trout that are measured in inches (hardly ever exceeding 20). But it's a sin to catch & release a wild fish that is measured in pounds?
A great carp fly that is simple to tie and I feel under-used is a cotton seed imitation. I usually tie it with brown thread to represent the seed part itself, with a small tuft of white/beige wool to imitate the cotton. That fly, or a simple tom thumb can be great to raise carp and get some surface action.


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This is the most entertaining thread I have yet read here. Hilarious. I have to admit two things: First, I have always thought they were hideous and disgusting, my own opinion. Second, anytime I've ever been fishing and I see a huge carp, I try to catch it. I am a fouled up stinky ball of internal contradiction. Maybe I would make a good carp bait?

Seriously, the thing that seems like a concern as time goes by and human impacts increase, is this: The carp, in evolutionary terms is about a million times more adaptable and robust than our beloved but quite fragile salmonids. The latter require relatively pristine water and a quite narrow range of temps (cold ones) to thrive. As the world warms up and the water keeps getting more polluted, the odds of carp being the last ones standing go up, especially since they do (like every other thing in their ecosystem) compete with other sportfish for food and habitat. The answer may be killing carp in some areas, but the biggest issue is taking care of the environment so it remains a viable habitat for trout, salmon, and char.
I personally have nothing against carp they are fun on a six weight. They also like brown wooly buggers for anyone that is interested. my biggest is only about 2-3 pounds though on the chehalis.