Pack for Camera and Gear


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Any recommendations on a pack that's good for holding your DSLR, a flash, and your fly fishing equipment?

Specifically, a backpack that has a camera section and a fly box/gear section.

What would be cool, is a waterproof camera section for the base of the bag, and an upper section for flies and such. My internet search hasn't been successful.

What do y'all use? Currently, I'm using a fishpond bag for all my fly gear, and a camera backpack for my camera gear. But it's getting a little ridiculous having to carry two bags. Trying to consolidate.


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There really isn't a purpose built flyfishing/camera bag. The lowpro dryzone rover is the closest thing to what you are looking for. You might also check out the Sagebrush Dry Goods Hip/Deck pack which is what I use most often.


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I've used the Sagebrush with a DSLR and gear in really crappy conditions on long day hikes into wilderness settings. It's a great pack.