Electric Smoking Question

I need some help…
Does anyone smoke salmon with a Brinkman, or similar, electric smoker?
In this weather smoker maintains about a 260-275 degree constant temp, and from what I have read, this is too high.
Any thoughts other than to cut back on cooking time?
I’m under the gun to have some ready for a party on Saturday.
I have a similar issue with my recently purchased Smoke Vault... The smoke is great, but the salmon ends up cooked... Edible, but not "smoked". Next time I will use dry chips (as opposed to dampened)...this should create smoke more quickly and at a lower temp. Perhaps starting with cold water in the humidity tray will cool the box a bit? Perhaps cracking the door will help...

If this doesn't work, maybe it's back to the Little Chief!

Jerry, you are the pro...what are your thoughts??

Tried the door, but didn't help that much. Also thought about putting ice in the pan which I do for smoking cheese (winter months) but wasn't sure if the moisture would change the flavor.

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
With some smokers, you have to actually suspend the meat over the smoker (as in put a corrugated box over the top with racks for fish to sit in).

With the smokevault, I usually crank all the vents down, COVER them (usually 100mph tape), and leave setting on "warm". Usually get it down to temp I want (and keep it OUT of the sun too). Funny how little things will add more heat. Yeah, dry chips helps start smoke faster. But I want that smoker BARELY breathing. So choke it off as much as you can (where I wish CC would make thier dampers shut totally down, not 3/4 of the way).
I had been unplugging my Brinkmann every so often to cool it and take lid off briefly. But I will try the ice thing next time, as long as the higher humidity doesn't do anything ot texture of the fish. Thanx for the tip :)
I found in smoking some pinks today, that after getting the chips started I can turn the fire completely off... temp stayed about 150--perfect for me. I got the chips smoking good before putting the fish in... My smoker is propane rather than electric, but this approach might work for you! Good luck!