Costco Pontoon Boat...for $299

Vladimir Steblina

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The East Wenatchee Costco had an 8 foot pontoon boat for I believe $299. Looks like they sold out.

Any Costco's over on the coast with that same pontoon boat still in stock??


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Check with the membership desk @ the Wenatchee Costco and they can tell you which stores closest to you have them in stock.



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There were a couple in Bellingham the last time I was in that store. But that was probably two weeks ago.
The one in Covington had a 9 foot Wilderness 11 pontoon boat for $299.99. Anyone have any experience with these? I was thinking about it myself. I'll have to check and see if they are still in stock.
A friend of mine bought a Costco Pontoon a year or so ago, but I'm not sure of the model.. It's pretty cool for the money, lots of storage and stable, wide base, but rows like a tank, very heavy.

I don't have a ton of pontoon experience so I wouldn't be the best judge, just some info.


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There are older threads on the site discussing the Costco pontoons. I'm not sure if they are the same ones, but Costco tends to stay with pretty similar stuff year after year even if it's not the exact same model.
There is a Bucks Bags boat in the classifieds for 400.00 By the time you pay for the sales tax on a costco boat it is only about 75.00 more and waaaaay more boat for rhe money.
We sell Bucks Bags boats and Outcast. I haven't seen this particular boat but with the stainless steel frame and quality tubes it is a great boat. Beyond that Bucks still is in business and has a plethora of accessories for the boat. Bucks makes a fine boat I think there are two of them currently for sale in the classifieds.


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I agree with that Bucks Bag boat, even if it is the Vinyl bladder model. All I know is several that have bought Costco boats, HAVE experienced problems...some very small however, like pin hole leaks that take a couple of days. Frame welds would be my first concern as I did read one report where the frame snapped at a weld. This can happen I am sure, but not betting on Bucks Frames doing this...quality for sure.
Smaller Outcast are Asian made, but if that doesn't bother you, which I am betting isn't an issue, is another great choice. Quality is there also, just too bad the price is still high for being made overseas.


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Im sure if you checked craigslist you would find that boat, always a few posted. But you get what you pay for and youll be wanting to upgrade soon. Those boats are not a quality craft and I would not buy one