Her new fly rod

We have a 9 day trip up the North fork Clearwater starting this friday. I just got into building this being my 6th rod. My other half is just getting into fly fishing so I built her a Batson 804-4. She likes all shades of blues which worked out good. I went with prowrap 404- teal and HT Electra royal blue. I used chrome snake guides, Acrylic reel seat from winslow rods. I used a few colors of burl for the grip and shaped it to a Western style. So far so good...... she says she likes it but I kinda think its what she has to say :thumb:

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Thank you fellas for all the words of encouragement. I picked up a cork jig that helped me out with the straight line cuts with the burl/cork, its fun playing around just to see what you can come up with for grips. If anyone is up in that neck of the woods next week feel free to stop and say hello. I will be from Aquarius to Kelly and everywhere in between.
Great work. Just wondering why you chose to wrap the ferrules in multiple sections instead of one continuous wrap?
I wrapped it a few ways and ended up sticking with this one. With the 3 shades of blue it seemed to break up the rod a little better then the one piece wrap.