Columbia smallies?

I'm heading over to Chelan Falls area for a week of camping & boating with friends and family. I'm hoping to get out fishing for a few mornings or evenings but could use some advice for patterns and what type of holding water I should be targetting for the smallies. I've heard rip rap = good. Yes? What else?
Thanks in advance.

Eric B

Montana hillbilly
I am also going to hit the Columbia tomorrow, but down by Patterson Slough off hwy 14. I have had some success w/ a sloooooow retrieve dragging an ugly olive beadhead bugger (with rubber legs) on the bottom. The terrain where you are going is different for sure, but try close to any structure, drop offs, or seams.

The guy at the fly shop in Pendleton, OR told me that it is about time to try poppers, so I will try that tomorrow too. I thought the water would still be too cold, but I'll give it a go.

Does anybody know if it is best to try poppers at day break, maybe when larger fish are still cruising the shallows, or in the heat of the day? I am still trying to figure out the bass gig.

Eric B

Montana hillbilly
Well, I got skunked as far as bass were concerned this morning. Started at 5 a.m. chucking surface stuff toward shore, no love. So moved to a bit deeper with the olive bugger mentioned above. I was too paranoid to go too deep in the Columbia in a float tube, the water I was in was rarely over 10' (it is shallow for a long time on the west side of the slough where it meets the main river).
No bass but picked up a few carp as a bonus. I talked to an older fella launching his boat and he had been catching a few smallmouth deeper than 20' while trying for walleyes. The water was quite a bit warmer than 2 weeks ago, so I would recommend going deep when you go to Chelan.