Rufus while in Chelan


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next week I will be in Chelan for a week. I'm pulling the boat over (18 ft power boat) and am thinking of checking out Rufus one morning.
I've never been there and have a few questions that I hope can be answered....
- do you need a special license to fish?
- is Chief Joseph the best/closest launch?
- will it take me an hour to get there?
- anything I should be aware of (hazards? indians?)

I've read thru the past posts so I am aware of what to use, etc.
thanks for any information



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fish Nespeleum bay with a sinking or intermediate buggers, then select what grocier....I mean fish you'd like. They taste awesome


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I was just over has slowed down quite a bit in the last couple months. That being said there are still a ton of fish to be caught. The also seemed to have a whole lot more fight in them this last time compared to around May. The black bugger worked did a black egg sucker with a pink bead and I caught quite a few on a #12 chironomid about 10" below an indicator. Good luck and I echo Jmills sentiment regarding the eating quality of the fish. They smoke really nicely too....and if you launch from reservation land you need to have the reservation pass. I think it's only 10 bucks for a single day or 20 for three days.


~El Pescador
thanks guys for the info

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The Russians have pretty much thrashed the place where Jmills suggested. But with a power boat your options are unlimited. Good luck. Oh, and watch out for the Indians. You don't want an arrow in the side of your boat. If they attack just form a circle with the other boats in the area.


~El Pescador
I was hoping you would jump in TripJunkie as it sounds like you know the place like the back of your hand.
does the fish pellet fly really work?
I've heard the pellet fly works near the pens. Don't know, have never really fished the pens. Try a #10 black/olive chrinomid about two to five feet down this time of year.