Re-doing an old rod - how to remove varnish/cement/paint?


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I have a rod that my grandfather used many, many years ago, fiberglass. I've been able to remove the guides, thread, even the ferrules and grip, but now I'm left with a bunch of cement/paint. Is there a way to strip that off without compromising the fiberglass tube itself? Or do I need to remove this phyically, sanding carefully so as to not dig into the fiberglass? I'm sure I could buy a new blank for less effort, but it was my grandfather's rod, and I'd like to re-do it. Thanks.
You may be able to soften the epoxy with a hair dryer or heat gun, scrape off with fingernail or credit card or similar, I use actone to clean up residue but alcohol is safer and recommended by most. Caution, if a painted blank the acetone or alcohol can remove finish.
I've done this several times before. Yesterday I used Klean-Strip Strip-X stripper to remove old, lumpy thread wrap coating from two of my rods. It took a second 30-minute treatment to loosen some remaining patches, but there was no real problem. A bit of scraping with a dull knife blade removed the gooey finish. I'll use steel wool to smooth the wrap area before replacing the guides and wraps. I've done this before a number of times. It even loosens epoxy. But it will also take the finish off a blank that's been painted, so allow for that.