August Pink Reports

One very bright pink about 5lbs near Port Townsend last Sat and one 4lb coho. Both on a pink clouser. One surface swirl with a popper that I tied on after bringing two fish to hand.

Tom Johnston

Been around a while
Fished Sunday at Brown's Point during the end of low tide and nothing. Saw a boat catch a dog fish and that was about it! Hopefully this Saturday brings in some fish and I get to punch the card for the first time in 2 years.

Ron Olsen

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Admiralty Bay beach, evening high tide, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday saw maybe two dozen pinks, plus three chinook (one 23#, guy next to me!) taken and a few coho. All on gear. Boats also got a few. No love for me on fly gear. Working at Camp Casey Kiwanis severly disabled kids camp. You can learn a lot from those kids...

Tool Fly

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Scoured a prominent Vashon Is. beachhead this morning from 10 to noon on the outgoing tide--nada. Few boat anglers were close and I did not see them hooked up, either. Admittedly, I was after SRCs and decidedly non-pink flies after rezzies, but there was no surface action of any kind. Coming back to Fauntleroy on the ferry I did see one fish jump way out in the middle. I'll be putting down the 6 weight in favor of the 8 weight starting this weekend and targeting our pink brethren proper. Can't wait!


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9:00am. On the Kingston Ferry out of Edmonds . About 500yds off the Beach I saw several large pods of fishies. To the south by the Marina were only a few boats out..??? Docking into Kingston was a big floatila of about 40 boats. You guys were on the wrong side of the sound!!!!!! No reports on the way back..I fell asleep in the truck.